Breville Muffin Magic

Breville Muffin Magic - original photoMy youngest son loves muffins, but he wasn't too keen on getting out muffin tins and spraying those with Pam and making his own. When I saw the Breville Muffin Magic machine, I thought he might be more interested in cooking muffins if he had a cool gadget to play with. I was right. My kid makes his own muffins on a regular basis now.

The Magic Muffin is a counter top appliance. It is a muffin maker and not anything else, but that's plenty if you like muffins or if this inspires your kid to make his own.

The Breville Muffin Magic maker makes three muffins at a time. This works out great here. We can each have a muffin with other foods, or my youngest can make three and eat them all. Most often, he's baking his own and eating three.

The muffin machine is super easy to use. Just plug it in. A red light comes on to let you know that it's preheating. A green light comes on when the heat is right for making muffins.

Breville Muffin Magic - original photoYou can use any muffin mix with the Magic Muffin or make muffin batter from scratch. The Muffin Magic comes with a nice recipe booklet that covers the basics and includes a nice range of homemade muffin recipes. My kid generally uses a muffin pack mix from the grocery store, but the Muffin Magic also works well with homemade batter.

Since the muffin maker makes three muffins at a time, store packs (which usually make six muffins) can be cooked in two batches, or save half of the batter in the refrigerator for another day. If making a large homemade batter recipe, then you mix once and bake fresh muffins when the urge hits you.

Muffins turn out perfect in the Magic Muffin. There was no learning curve. From day one, our muffins have been terrific. We've never had any undercooked muffins or any burned muffins. This is, in part, a credit to my son. These muffins must be timed, but the times are listed in the recipe booklet. They're spot on.

This sounds like it might be a messy machine, especially when a teen boy manning the Magic Muffin. I don't think we have anything in the kitchen easier to clean. The muffin holes are non-stick. The muffins pop right out. Just wipe the holes clean and wipe the outside (which never gets messy — only dusty now and then). That's all there is to it. The Muffin Magic doesn't go in the sink or the dishwasher. No need to do that. It's almost self cleaning.

Breville Muffin Magic - original photoThe Magic Muffin was an impulse purchase. I got my older son the Hamilton Beach personal blender to make smoothies. He loves those. I looked around with my younger son in mind and stumbled on the Magic Muffin. I was afraid it would just be a messy kitchen gadget that wouldn't be used much, but it didn't cost very much. I decided it was worth a shot. It's not a good idea to get one kid a new toy and not the other one. As it turned out, this was a great purchase. My son uses the Muffin Magic a lot. I don't have to supervise, and there's no big mess to clean up either. On top of all that, this muffin maker turns out perfect muffins. Gotta love all that.

It would be nice if Muffin Magic came out with a family model with six muffin holes. Sometimes my kid whips up three muffins and I start wanting a muffin even when I hadn't been thinking about eating a muffin. I don't want to short him a muffin, so a larger machine would be nice. Then I'd eat one or two or maybe even three. These are yummy muffins.

-- C. Allison